The Brick Gym is NOT your average "Crossfit Box". While our programs and methodology are based on high-intensity, variable workouts, we take a much more comprehensive and fundamental approach towards building health, fitness, and strength.

Many "regular" gyms and boxes have a "get the weight up at all costs" attitude, meaning if you can sacrifice form and safety in the name of inching out one more rep or five more pounds, they believe that's what you should do. No - have to do.

That's how you get injured; not how you get fit and strong.

At The Brick Gym, we pride ourselves on building a strong foundation based on strict form and safe movements - none of our staff will ever tell you to lift more weight or do more reps than you're safely able to do - which allows our athletes to safely perform routines that are in many cases even more challenging than a "regular" WOD.

Shawna "Sho" Gibson - Coach/Owner

CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Endurance NASM IAAI

Ironman has a slogan: "Anything is Possible".

I challenge everyone to look inside of themselves and ask, "is there anything you're fearing? Is there anything you're holding back from doing?" Are you telling yourself that you "can't do it", or that "it's too hard", or that you "don't have the time"? Are there dreams that go unfulfilled beacuse you aren't willing to work for it, or you're not willing to reach out and take a chance?

Let me put this challenge to you. I have been blessed to have had the ability to complete several grueling events including the 2006 Ironman Wisconsin. This race had at least 2,200 of the most gifted, talented, and truly amazing athletes. Some had bodies sculpted to perfection. Others were just your average, everyday person. There were athletes who were faster than I was (most of them, actually), and some who were slower. The key is, they all had the courage to try - and that made them all winners.

"The only ones who fail are those who do not try."

So again, I ask: is there anything that you are holding back from? Is there something you want to accomplish but you can't seem to find the motivation?

I'm not saying that everyone needs to tackle an Ironman, marathon, or any type of race for that matter. What I am saying is that in the society we live in today, you constantly hear the words "I can't" or "it's too hard" or "I don't have the time". Those are excuses that keep people from going after their dreams or accomplishing something individually that they never thought was possible.

Step out of the mold and your boundaries, and reach for the stars.

The road may be long and hard and the work may be difficult, but I promise you that the reward far exceeds the sacrifices made to get there. Anything is indeed possible, if you're willing to try.

I am committed to you and your goals. I believe that your health and wellness goals are like finger prints - very unique and individual to you. There is no "one size fits all" program.

If you fail (and you won't), I fail (and I won't).

CrossFit Level 1 USA Weightlifting Level 1

Hi everyone!

I was first introduced to CrossFit in military training. I absolutely hated it and continued with my routine work-out consisting of lots of cardio, some crunches, bench press, machines and the “Globo Gym” usual curls in the mirror. I didn’t discover a passion for CrossFit until 2010 when I realized I wasn’t seeing any real results and personally felt my job performance was lacking. I decided to start doing CrossFit and used main page workouts mixed with CrossFit Endurance workouts and a month later was seeing results not only in my physique but in my performance. My runs were getting faster, the heavy rucks seemed lighter and taking on the “Stairway to Heaven” became quite easy.

My passion grew after my first coached class. I was obsessed and knew I wanted to eventually coach and help people change their lives. I also wanted to help prepare those who are joining our armed services or laws enforcement agencies and prepare them for any challenge they may face in the line of duty.

In 2011 I deployed to Afghanistan and continued to CrossFit overseas at CrossFit Leatherneck. I was lucky to become an assistant coach learning for experienced Level 1 trainers before I earned my Level 1 Certificate. During my deployment I participated in the CrossFit open in between missions. After I returned in April 2012, I was fortunate enough to fly Seoul, South Korea in May and participate in the CrossFit Asia Regional. I received my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate in October 2012 and the rest is history!

I program and train with a couple simple concepts that I believe increase performance while ensuring the athletes safety:

  1. Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity. If someone can’t or chooses not to perform a movement properly they have no business doing a high number of repetitions, adding weight or progressing to more advanced movements. Focus should be on form and proper body mechanics always.
  2. Heavy weights and high reps of Olympic lifting and Powerlifting are not to be done at high volumes in the middle of work-outs.
  3. Kipping anything shouldn’t be done unless you can NO LONGER perform STRICT repetitions.

Prior to joining the Brick Gym Team I served 5 1/2 years in the Navy as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman. During my time in the service I deployed with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit to the western Pacific and served a combat deployment to Afghanistan. I learned a lot during my service but one thing that continues to stick with me. I learned to try to be better than who I was the day before and never be complacent. With that said I challenge you to do the same and I am committed to helping you establish and achieve any goals in fitness that you have. It will take hard work, commitment and perseverance but I promise your life will be changed.

On the lighter side...

I try to eat as healthy as possible and absolutely love my cheat days which always include Chick Fil-a. I enjoying wakeboarding (even though I’m horrible), shooting guns (better at this than wakeboarding), and spending time with my amazing family. I have a dog, it’s name is Cosmo, and it’s a Chi-weenie. Yes, it’s awkward for us both.

Hope to see you at the gym!