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Add support for spellchecking based on hunspell and reuse system-wide OpenOffice dictionaries. Enables RFC protocol aka syslog-reliable support. Build the Qt 4 GUI client for github. Add support for NTLM auth. Functions similar to the Ogar module but with better performance. IPQ is primecoin old way to process miner packets for inline deployments.

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This also enables the 'sim' plugin which relies on OpenSSL. Instructs Qt to use the 'debug' target instead of 'release' target. Overwrite deleted information with zeros in addition to marking the space as available for reuse. Build and install only the debug version of the Boost libraries. Add support for dedicated game servers some packages do not provide clients and servers at the same time. Enable support for the PostScript language often with ghostscript-gpl or libspectre.

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Allow other modules to receive or send a small amount of binary data primecoin XMPP stanza. The support for TrueType fonts in xine-lib is still experimental, and might not be as good looking as the bitmap fonts ogar with github USE primecoin disabled. Don't build a separate odbc loadable module but github build it into the cppdb library itself. Der Mediaplayer Kodi miner Some features are only available when using the library, but miner it ogar library requires matching SSL implementations. Build plugin for browsers supporting the Netscape plugin architecture that is almost any modern browser. Aber lasst euch ruhig noch etwas Zeit.

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Primecoin miner github ogar

Ethereum Pool Mining - Setup Tutorial (Windows)

Use the Linux Kernel notification subsystem for monitoring file alterations in realtime. Enables server installation, it's incompatible with obex-data-server provided one. Enable plugins build see http: If your file cannot be opened due lack of support, try enabling this.

Enable document colaboration features using telepathy communication framework. Add support for enchant spellchecking wrapper both aspell and hunspell can be used by LyX. Add support for spellchecking based on hunspell and reuse system-wide OpenOffice dictionaries.

This also enable thesaurus dictionaries not accessible via aspell. This adds some checks which can prevent certain exploits if e. If you use the hardened toolchain, using this flag does not increase security and can even lead to problems. Compile in support for portage's sqlite backend; to actually use it you need additional configuration of portage and eix.

May cause trouble with some buggy compiler versions. Add many checks to prevent exploits if eix code has a bug. This will slow down eix considerably. Use only if you are paranoid or have reasons to suspect a bug. Swap role of remote addresses in eix-remote, making the data from gpo. Create separate binary for script helper tools; useful if they are called extremely often. This allows the use of rsh remote shell and rcp remote copy for authoring websites.

Otherwise only uncompressed BMP files are supported. Enable QQWry plugin, which provides information in Chinese language about geographical positions, owner, etc.

Add support for metapost: A tool for creating graphics in scalable PostScript. Add support for XeTeX: Don't build a separate mysql loadable module but rather build it into the cppdb library itself.

Don't build a separate postgresql loadable module but rather build it into the cppdb library itself. Don't build a separate odbc loadable module but rather build it into the cppdb library itself. Don't build a separate sqlite3 loadable module but rather build it into the cppdb library itself. This is needed for the tests to apply properly. Warning, this might take over an hour on slower machines. Currently restricts tests because of an upstream testsuite bug.

Enable extra debug codepaths and assertions. If disabled, both the debug code and assertions are removed from the resulting binaries. Install the MongoDB tools mongoimport, mongodump Installs the phpMyAdmin setup utility. Users who don't use the utility should disable this USE flag for security reasons as the setup tool was the target of various exploits in the past.

Use double precision floating-point numbers instead of bit integers for timestamp storage. Overwrite deleted information with zeros in addition to marking the space as available for reuse. This causes a performance penalty. Disabing this is an unsupported configuration, but it may be useful for accelerating builds in sandboxes for expert users. Disabling this is an unsupported configuration, but it may be useful for accelerating builds in sandboxes for expert users.

Not recommended for general use. You should disable this flag if you plan to use gitit with an older version of Darcs, or 'latest' will raise an error. When compiling under Windows, use the native libraries instead of e.

Some GTK libraries open image files without specifing binary mode. If you have trouble loading gtk in ghci, then it may help to turn this option off. Build for a big endian machine. Beware that only little endian machines have been tested. Enable benchmarking against Neil Mitchell's uniplate library for comparative performance analysis. Defaults to being turned off to avoid the extra dependency. Generate inline pragmas when using template-haskell. This defaults to enabled, but you can to shut it off to benchmark the relative performance impact, or as last ditch effort to address compile errors resulting from the myriad versions of template-haskell that all purport to be 2.

This lets them turn on inlining. If enabled it is required that the transformer-base package exports MonadBase instances for ST.

It will do this by default. When manually selecting the endianness, use big-endian default is little-endian. Enable internal consistency checks at the cost of a significant performance penalty. Enable bounds checking in unsafe operations at the cost of a significant performance penalty. Build a native binary along with the jar. Provides faster execution time, but needs about 1G memory and some patience to compile. Also build support for the xml doclet that generates output in xml instead of the traditional html javadoc.

Enable browser plugin NPPlugin , requires also the webstart flag to be enabled. Build icedtea-7 support in addition to icedtea-6 support. Automatically starts keychain on netbeans start and loads specified keys so Netbeans can use them.

Install the binary version directly, rather than using it to build the source version. Build with less runtime depends bundle libffi for building bootstrap binaries.

Enable some upwards-compatible features from Lua 5. Enable if the user plans to run the package under a pax enabled hardened kernel. Make mono generate code that is considerably faster on xen VMs but slightly slower on for normal systems.

Enable wide Unicode implementation which uses 4-byte Unicode characters. Install Windows executables required to create an executable installer for MS Windows. Currently the package only builds against old versions of llvm. This flag is meaningful only if the libedit USE flag is disabled. If neither libedit nor readline USE flags are enabled, the readline extension will not be built and irb will lose line editing functionality.

Install from Gentoo-compiled binary instead of building from sources. Set this when you run out of memory during build. Enable assertions to allow for easier debugging of programs that link to spidermonkey -- note this will often crash software on regular end-user systems.

Build and install the Boost. Context library and all other Boostlibraries that depends on it. Build and install only the debug version of the Boost libraries. Only enable this flag if you're developing against boost.

Install the full API documentation documentation. This takes over MB of extra disk space. This library requires compatible C library interfaces, which might not be provided by uClibc or other embedded libraries.

By default use system's allocator pass-through instead of custom choice for Eina's own data structures. Disable automatic fine-tuning to local processor features like pclmul or sse2. Enable dependencies required by glib libraries using dbus service to manage settings saving.

Pull in shared MIME database that many glib-based applications require at runtime to detect or open files. Install gtester-report utility to generate test report files for your software.

Only build the libcdio library and little more, just to be used to link against from multimedia players.

Allow the use of external processes as file content filters Note: Also allow the use of external setuid processes as file content filters Note: Enables RFC protocol aka syslog-reliable support. If you don't know what this is, you don't need it! Enables liblogging's core component think of it as a the next version of the syslog 3 API. Limit match recursion to ; if disabled, the default limit is used, which is the same as the match limit. See also log4cplus's unicode. This flag is only meaningful if the X USE flag is also enabled.

Enable support for RFC X. Increase performance, allocate more RAM. Recommended to disable on Raspberry Pi. Controls whether to build the Abyss web-server with pthreads or fork 'threading'.

Functional reactive programming signals, events, etc. Builds and install the utftrip executable: Among other things, reads unicode on stdin and rewrites it on stdout. Modules required for "deploy" in DBIx:: Enable hammer funtion to run a command in the shell and simulate a user hammering the ENTER key to accept defaults on prompts.

Enable interface for implementing qplot and ggplot like functionality using chaco. Build using PyPy with the engine configured towards low memory footprint.

Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop recommended by upstream. Add support for Perforce version control system requires manual installation of Perforce client. Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3 programs with Qt4.

Build the 'trace' graphicssystem engine which allows to record all drawing operations into a trace buffer. The trace can be replayed later with the qttracereplay tool. Build the extra compatibility layer required by a few packages, see http: Not available on JRuby. Also install the default components for the asset pipeline. These are not required but they are activated automatically in new Rails projects by default. Build and install the Bigloo Developement Environment for Emacs aka bee-mode.

Build multimedia library e. Build the srfi27 library: Source of Random Bits 32bit-arch only, requires gmp. Library for web programming e. Enable testing parallel build mode added in 4. Can still be not working. Compared to futures, places are heavyweight, but they have a simpler performance model. Floats to display in engineering notation exponents always multiples of 3 instead of scientific notation. C level support for hygienic and referentially transparent macros syntax-rules macros.

Use the gentoo binutils instead of building against an unpatched vanilla version. Enable the commander plugin which provides a command panel for rapid access to any action. Build a set of libraries with debug support so-called debugalloc.

These are available by default but are not needed unless you're actually developing using tcmalloc. When this flag is enabled, the package will have to be rebuilt after every version bump of binutils. Build documentation and man pages. With this USE flag disabled, the --help parameter for perf and its sub-tools will not be available. This is optional because it depends on a few documentation handling tools that are not always welcome on user systems. Useful for finding uses of non-standard pkg-config invocations.

Provide compatibility symlinks with original openSUSE package might clash with other packages. Build kernel modules needed for tracing local events. Disable this only if you intend to use sysdig purely to work with dumpfiles.

Support fetching and pushing requires webdav too over http: Pull in gnupg for signing -- without gnupg, attempts at signing will fail at runtime! Install tools to e. Provides German translations for the game's briefings, robot descriptions, and outro of the original campaign.

Enable new experimental dynamic recompiler implementation only for x86 and arm. Add the extra fancy textures to UT Enable for console uses ncurses based build. Build everything in one big source file, allowing for faster build times and better optimizations at the cost of higher memory usage. For those people who cant grab the 1. Enables LZO compression for savegames. This is only needed to load extremely old savegames. Enables the free open media sets: Use system libraries instead of the ones included in the upstream distribution.

Disabling this will also make it impossible to start local games. Use the wxUniversal port which implements the various GUI controls by drawing them itself. Build backend which enables default mail accounts, addressbooks and calendars for Evolution to be configured using each user's LDAP entry. Skip systemd dependency , enabling this flag will become your setup to be fully unsupported by upstream and downstream Gnome team.

Do not try to enable it unless completely needed. Add the physical location of the computer at the moment when events are inserted. Not recommended by upstream. Bindings for many players. Allows crypting your chat drugs and talking nonsense are considered as good alternatives ;]. Various fancy text effects for your messages don't ever consider writing us with this enabled ;].

Enable pop-up messages sending on windows. Support wallets with GnuPG encryption additionally to default blowfish-encrypted file. Additionally install the svg sources of the bitmap icons needed for redistribution.

Notification for new mail in different way, see also USE flags libcanberra, libindicate and libnotify. Disable official Thunderbird branding icons, name which are not binary-redistributable according to upstream.

Enable openldap as a dataset facilitator or keys, determining domains to sign for, and any other dataset that opendkim supports. Enables control over signature verification, filtering and policy to be controlled by user defined lua scripts.

Use opendbx backend to facilitate dataset driven OpenDKIM configuration options like stats, bodylengthdb, etc. Use poll instead of select for the provided asynchronous resolver library. Log process and signal information. Also leave the child process running for gdb examination. Prevents courier mail server from mangling virtual user addresses when sending. Adds support for a DNS search for a record whose domain name is the supplied query.

Install base MATE Desktop applications that are recommended for the most common usage; for example, this installs the file manager. Install MATE Desktop's themes; if you use other themes, you can disable this to spare some space and time. Also install the Tahoma font. Due to the lack of a free bold variant, this may render badly. Changes view of quotes: Changes view of Russian letter 'i' - not like Latin u, but like "mirrored" N see homepage. Controls whether fontforge understands the gb encoding and installs cidmap package to edit CID-keyed fonts.

Controls whether fontforge has a paste after command Useful for making words? This is kind of fun, but it isn't useful for normal fonts. Controls whether fontforge has a tile path command a variant of expand stroke This is useful for very decorative fonts, most people won't want it. Type3 fonts are only supported by postscript printers not by most windowing displays. They are capable of more exotic images than normal fonts but require much more effort to support.

Allows for OSC-based control and communication between multiple freewrl instances. Builds lefty front-end, builds plugin -Txlib, and enables support for x11 in various other modules needs cairo.

Use the unpatented auto-hinter instead of the recommended TrueType bytecode interpreter. Enables gstreamer sound driver. Not useful when alsa or pulseaudio is available. Enables PulseAudio sound driver that should be able to support positional event sounds. This is the preferred choice for best sound events experience and picked by default if compiled in and possible to use at runtime.

Enable Dirac video support an advanced royalty-free video compression format via libschroedinger high-speed implementation in C of the Dirac codec. Can be used together with patched wine. Build drivers based on Gallium3D, the new architecture for 3D graphics drivers. This mp3 decoder has superior support compared to the one coming from FFmpeg that is used as a fallback.

If you experience any bad behaviour with mp3 files skipping, distorted sound make sure you enabled this USE flag. Use mmap function while reading file from local disks. Using mmap will use more virtual memory space, but leaves to the Kernel the task of caching the file's data. Enabling this USE flag will allow OSD such as subtitles to use more advanced font and to more easily select which font to use.

The support for TrueType fonts in xine-lib is still experimental, and might not be as good looking as the bitmap fonts used with this USE flag disabled. Enable support to ientify your music automatically, using the Last. Enable the Mirage plugin which automatically, and intelligently generates playlists for you.

Enables the Telepathy plugin which lets you to share and stream music with IM buddies. Adds support for zoneminder requires a server with the appropriate mythtv daemon somewhere on the network.

Use libmysqld, MySQL embedded server library. Better quality than the included resampler and much faster than libsamplerate while keeping almost the same quality. Enable support for the convert plugin which makes it possible to transcode files. Enable support for fetching and storing acoustic attributes of a track from Echo Nest.

Enable support for streams tab to save favourite streams, and search for others. Install the HRTF datafiles for use with hrtfmove, hrtfmove2, hrtfstat, hrtfearly, and hrtfreverb. Build the X11 publish module to export PulseAudio information through X11 protocol for clients to make use. Don't enable this flag if you want to use a system wide instance. If unsure, enable this flag. Recommended for desktop usage. This flag causes the whole package to be licensed under GPL-2 or later. Use GConf to store user preferences on streams and so on.

The padsp wrapper is now always build if the system supports OSS at all. Allow preparation and installation of the system-wide init script for PulseAudio. Since this support is only supported for embedded situations, do not enable without reading the upstream instructions at http: Enable support for in-place audio clip pitch-shifting through the rubberband library.

Pairs surround sound speakers into stereo zones requires 5. Uses a custom autostart configuration gleaned from experience with MythTV since its early versions and discussed with other MythTV maintainers and users. Does not rely on KDE being installed like most methods do. Allows you to utilize a Broadcom CrystalHD hardware based video decoder to improve the performance of video decode.

Instructs Qt to use the 'debug' target instead of 'release' target. If your MythTV is crashing or you need a backtrace, you need to compile it with this option otherwise the debugging data is useless. Enables support for Linux DVB cards. These are typically found in the United States, where such support is required by law.

This will also install Firewire test programs and external channel changers if the internal changer does not work. You will have to manually configure the path to your JACK settings. Builds the perl bindings for MythTV. Allows you to write scripts in Perl to control your MythTV setup or communicate with it. Add an entry in the Nautilus context menu to transcode media files for a specified device. Enable Dirac video support an advanced royalty-free video compression format via the reference library: Adds support for more devices via the userspace library.

Enables vp8 codec support using libvpx: Decoding vp8 does not require this to be enabled but libvpx can also be used for decoding; encoding vp8 requires this useflag to be enabled though.

Build all GPL licensed code. Without this flag set the package is build under LGPL license. Enable Real Time Messaging Protocol using librtmp instead the native implementation. Build and install small tools like aviocat, cws2fws, graph2dot, ismindex, qt-faststart.

Plugin which provides a mechanism to take snapshots with a trigger from a UDP packet. Enables usage of the linux real time clock. The alternative is software emulation of rtc. Enable the option to shutdown your computer after finishing the playlist. Install browser plugin for playing embedded Adobe Flash videos. Allows to replace main menu entries by some special plugins like epgsearch, extrecmenu, Enables support for, e.

By itself, this flag does not build a graphical interface. Enables libformat support for reading and writing various media containers. Enables support for Mpeg-TS files. This flag is not GUI-related. Enable Lua scripting support, needed for including support for Jamendo online music platform and similar things.

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Bitcoin sSegwit2x' Scaling Vorschlag: Immer noch, he responded on Medium This was a starting point er sagte, indicating his stance that the current implementation on GitHub is meant to be a work in progress. Inline images 1] On 11 December at 15 04, m7m , CryptoNight. Como mining litecoin kein linux Iota wert usd Fontas.

Alle Bestellungen sind Sonderanfertigungen und github werden meist innerhalb von 24 h versendet. Bitcoin Boom , Bust. Contribute to litecoin development by creating an account on GitHub. Werde ein Beta Tester: Weka 3 Data Mining with Open Source. Nicehash cpu affinityWhen the circus came to town, the Flying gabel Wallendas; Gunther Gabel Williams, kids dreamed of running away to join it , Emmitt Kelly; the daredevil trapeze act, fearless in the ring with the big cats.

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15 Jun A npm registry crawler. Contribute to npm-crawler development by creating an account on GitHub. SUBDIR+= bfgminer. SUBDIR+= bibliographer. SUBDIR+= bicon. SUBDIR+= bigdft. SUBDIR+= bijiben. SUBDIR+= bindgraph. SUBDIR+= binutils-gold-git SUBDIR+= ocaml-variantslib. SUBDIR+= ocaml-yojson. SUBDIR+= ocaml-zed. SUBDIR+= ocamlweb. SUBDIR+= ocserv. SUBDIR+= ogmrip. SUBDIR+= ogre. (cannot combine with ogre) dev-games/mygui:plugins - Build MyGUI plugins dev- games/mygui:samples - Install MyGUI demos (needs ogre USE flag) BF1, etc) net-misc/bfgminer:bitforce - Enable support for mining with ButterFly Labs BitFORCE ASICs and/or FPGAs net-misc/bfgminer:bitfury - Enable support for mining.

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