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LeanFit with Coach Shawna Gibson

Want to lose fat in a comfortable, female-friendly environment? You've come to the right place.

What is LeanFit?

Want to lose that unwanted body fat, but you're intimidated or irritated by traditional "GloboGyms"?

Maybe you lead a busy life, and you want to make sure that you get the most out of every minute you spend working out.

Still have that baby weight from 1, 2, 3, or 20 years ago?

Coach Shawna Gibson, a mother herself, understands how you feel. Whether you want to get lean, strong, or even gain muscle in certain places (but NOT get bulky), LeanFit is for you!

Who is LeanFit For?

LeanFit is for women of all shapes, ages, and sizes who want to lean out and tone up without getting bulky.

LeanFit is for women who have limited time - each class is designed to efficiently get you the best results safely without giving up hours of your free time.

LeanFit is for women who want individualized, personalized attention - Coach Shawna Gibson is a trainer with nearly two decades of experience under her belt, and she recognizes that "one size fits all" doesn't fit anyone well.

What is LeanFit Like?

Shawna's goal is to make fat loss fun while making you feel comfortable in an environment that connects women who feel EXACTLY the way you do!

Coach Shawna will meet with you individually to get a perfect understanding of what your specific goals are, and guide you through each LeanFit class with those goals in mind.

All she needs from you is your commitment (and maybe a hug or two) and you will see results.

A "Typical" LeanFit Class

What does a typical class look like? Shawna's programming includes circuit-training-type workouts that combine high-rep low-weight movements to promote toning and tightening without adding bulk, along with fun cardio and bodyweight exercises to get your sweat on.

Shawna's goal is to make every workout fun but challenging while working out every muscle group in your body.

Here's an example of something Shawna might program for a given LeanFit class:

"Deck of Cards"

Team up with a buddy and grab a deck of cards. Draw cards randomly and do the prescribed exercise until you've seen every card in the deck.

  • Ace: 200 meter run
  • King: 10 thrusters
  • Spade: 10 burpees
  • Heart: 10 skater squats
  • Diamond: 10 mountain climbers or squat jumps
  • Clubs: 10 sit-ups, toes-to-bar, or v-ups

The first team to finish their entire deck gets to rest while the other teams finish, then the class will move on to muscle-group-specific movements (abs, glutes, etc.)

When is LeanFit?

LeanFit classes run every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15AM to 10:15AM.

How Much does LeanFit Cost?

  • Non-Members*: $135/month
  • Members: $50/month
  • Couples: $250/month

*If you do not currently attend any other Brick Gym classes (CrossFit L3, CrossFit Endurance, or Coach Sho's Bootcamp) you are defined as a "non-member".

Where do I Sign Up?

Signing up is easy! Just fill out our simple Join form and you'll receive a call from Coach Sho with a friendly introduction and instructions on how to get started with LeanFit!