Whether you're 18 or 80 - A Semi-Pro Athlete or a Weekend Warrior, Our Classes Are Specifically Designed to Get You Results.

Our Classes


Our Essentials classes are a series of six required classes for new and experienced lifters alike. During these classes you'll still get the workout of your life, but you'll also receive more personalized training from our coaches where proper form and correct movements are concerned. This is so that we can make sure everybody is on the same page in our regular classes.

CrossFit L3

Ready for the workout of your life? These aren't your normal "named" CrossFit workouts. Each "WOD" is hand-crafted by our coaches - not borrowed from another program or "main site". Every class begins with a "strength" portion led by our USA Weightlifting Certified Strength Coach.

CrossFit Endurance

Our Endurance classes are specifically programmed for runners, triathletes, and other athletes who need to focus more on building up endurance for long races. These workouts are every bit as intense as our "regular" Level One Performance classes.

SHAG Boot Camp

Ready to have fun and get your booty in shape, all at the same time? Coach Sho's morning bootcamp is geared for those who need a good morning burn to start their day off right, and are looking for personalized health and diet advice (including regular body fat testing!)


Coach Shawna Gibson leads women of all shapes, ages, and sizes through challenging group workouts designed specifically to lean you out, tone you up, and get you fit without getting bulky. Get personalized attention from a professional female trainer in a female-friendly environment and reach your goals... fast!

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Personal Training

We also offer personal training sessions from our certified coaches. No matter your goal - whether it's to prepare for a bodybuilding competition or to get personalized one-on-one attention for those love handles - SHAG has the right coaches (with the right certifications) to help you achieve real, trackable results.